Activity 3: Writing                                                                                    

News Report
Imagine that you are a reporter. Write a news report
story to commemorate ‘Shrek the sheep’, including
the details of his life, his capture and shearing, his time
meeting the prime minister and his eventual passing
away. Your report should be about three short paragraphs in length.

Tips on Writing a Good News Report.
• In a news report, the facts are being given, not personal opinion and so avoid
using personal pronouns like: ‘I’ and ‘my’.
• Each sentence must start with a capital letter and end with a full stop, question
mark, or exclamation mark.
• Each sentence must give new information. Don’t repeat ideas.
• Use adjectives and adverbs to give a clearer description. E.g.: Shrek was our
beloved sheep.
• Use paragraphs to talk about new ideas. Each new paragraph must discuss a new
• There must be a clear introduction, middle and conclusion to your story.

• Once you have written your article in rough, swap work with a friend and see if
your friend can find any mistakes in your work.
• Check the spelling of words by finding them in your dictionary.
• Rewrite your work into neat.