Read: The Railway Children by
E Nesbit and then write a book
Before reading:
A book review is a short report that
describes a book. Skim the review
and look for paragraph topics. Does
the picture give you a sense of
excitement about this book? Discuss
with a friend.
Can you imagine moving from a red
villa in London to a small house right
near a railway line in the country?
That is what happened to three
adventurous children Roberta, Peter
and Phyllis. They lived a very happy
life in London and had everything that
they wanted until their father had to
leave on business, as their mother tells
them. They made a sudden move to
the countryside by train. “This was the
first train the children saw on that railway which was in time to become so very dear to
them. They did not guess then how they would grow to love the railway, and how soon it
would become the centre of their new life, nor what wonders and changes it would bring
to them.”
The three children and their mother settle in their new home where their mother makes
a living by writing stories, articles, poems, etc. The children grow to love the nearby
railway line and make friends with Perks the Porter. Every day they wave at the 9.15
train, since that train goes to London where they assume their father is and they want to
convey their good wishes. They have many unusual adventures connected to the railway
line and even manage to avert a terrible accident that could have happened.
I really enjoyed joining the children on their adventures and listening to their
conversations. Edith Nesbit shows us the power of words to touch the hearts of people
and take them on their own explorations with the characters.
In my opinion, this is a must-read book for all ages, even though it was written in the
previous century.