Interesting Facts about wool

Activity 4: Language Activity
‘Let’s talk about Sheep’ – Language Game

1. Get into groups of 4.
2. Put the word cards face down in the middle of your circle.
3. Each person must choose 10 word cards and keep them (without showing the other
4. Decide which way round the circle the game will go and then turn over one card
which will be the start of a sentence.
5. Each sentence can be a maximum of 8 words long and then someone must start a
new sentence or a new card must be turned over in the middle.
6. Go around the circle, and each person will have a chance to ‘get rid’ of their cards by
adding a word to the sentence, or by starting a new sentence.
7. A new sentence must have at least one noun and one verb so for example: ‘Sheep
ran’ could be the start of a sentence.
8. The word ‘sheep’ is a noun and the word ‘ran’ is a verb.
9. The next person to go could then add the word ‘fast’… so the new sentence would
read: ‘Sheep ran fast’ the next person could add the word: ‘woolly’ so… the sentence
would read: ‘Woolly sheep ran fast’ and so on until a maximum of 8 words after which
a new sentence must be started.
10.If the person starting the sentence has more than two words, they can start with a
longer sentence, as long as it includes a noun and a verb that go together.
11.The aim of the game is to get rid of your cards first.
12.If you are unable to go, you have to pick up one new card. The sentences must all
make sense to be valid.