Activity 1:
Listening Activity
Listen to the below ‘Historical Facts about Wool’ and complete the answers in your book.


Historical Facts about Wool
Since ancient times wool has played an important role in many cultures and
traditions. It has been used for clothing, bedding and housing material.

Wool and Ancient History
The story of wool started before recorded history. Primitive people wore the woolly
skins of the wild sheep which they hunted and killed for their meat. The coat of the
sheep, they discovered, was durable (hard-wearing) and versatile (it could be used
for many different functions). It kept them cool during the heat of the day, but also
warm during cold nights. What’s more, it could also absorb moisture without feeling
wet on the skin. Primitive people had already domesticated (tamed and kept for
produce) sheep in 10 000 BC. But even before this, woollen cloth was being spun
and woven by the tribes of northern Europe.

The Golden Fleece
In Greek mythology the story of the Golden Fleece is well-known. The fleece of
gold came from a ram named Chrysomallos. According to the myth, Jason, leader
of the Argonauts (a bunch of Greek heroes), went in search of the magical ram’s
fleece to win back the throne of Ilocus for his father, King Aeson. But first he had to
dethrone his uncle, Pelias. In order to do this Jason and the Argonauts had to go on
a dangerous journey to claim Chrysomallos’ fleece of gold, which was guarded by a
dragon. After many challenges Jason and the Argonauts returned with the fleece and
his father was returned to the throne.                                                                                         

Military Wool                                                                                                                  
Wool has been used for the uniforms of soldiers
since ancient times. Ancient Greeks lined their
helmets with wool felt and some Roman soldiers
used felt to make their breastplates. Felt is a soft
fabric made by rolling and pressing wool (or any
other fibre) while applying moisture and heat, which
causes the fibre to mat together. Modern military
uniforms include items like undershirts and vests
made from lightweight and wool-blended fabric.


Questions (10 Marks)
Answer the following questions in your class workbook:

1. Name two uses that primitive people had for sheep. (2)
2. These same primitive people noticed that wool could be used in many
different ways. Name at least two amazing features of wool that they noticed. (2)
3. In the Greek Myth, why did Jason and the Argonauts try and find
Chrysomallos’s fleece? (1)
4. Which animal guarded what Jason and the Argonauts were looking for? (1)
5. When Jason and his friends returned with the fleece, what happened? (1)
6. Which parts of the uniforms of the Greek and Roman soldiers were made
up of wool? (2)
7. Name one item of modern military uniforms that is made from wool. (1)