The Railway Children

Let’s discuss a novel:

A novel is a written, fictional story that
is usually told as a series of events
described in a sequence. It usually
contains certain elements such as a
plot, a setting, characters, themes, style
and presentation. In this unit we will
be looking at the different aspects of a
particular novel.
This is an advert of a famous book that
is now in the public domain because it
was written over 100 years ago. Look
at the picture – work in a group and
a) What is the title of the book?
b) There is a train in the picture.
What kind is it? Where do you
think it is going?
c) What are the three children in
the picture doing?
d) Compare these children in
terms of ages, determination
and dress.

e) What do you expect from this novel?
f) Do you like reading? What kinds of novels do you like to read?
In this unit you will:
• Listen and speak: Talk about novels
• Listen and speak: Discuss the opening of a novel
• Language conventions: Distinguish between Finite and Infinitive verbs
• Read: Read an extract from the novel
• Read: Read a book review
• Language conventions: Work with continuous tenses
• Write: Write your own book review
• Reading: Compares the characteristics of characters

Compare the characters:

Usually an author wants to make the characters in a story believable, so the author
decides on physical characteristics, personality traits, future dreams, ages, and
special talents for each character. The characters are supposed to speak and act in
ways that make their character believable.

1. Read this mind map about the characters. Use your dictionary to look up the
meaning of words you do not know.





Compare the characters:

2. Using the descriptions from the mind map, compare these three characters in terms of
the following categories. Add any other characteristics that you think might have been
left out.